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The law firm Leonhardt & Dietl was founded in Buenos Aires in 1976 by Thomas Leonhardt and Rodolfo Dietl. The firm is recognized for the quality of its work and the customized services that each of the lawyers provides. The firm has grown to become one of the most renowned law firms in the local and international business sectors, and specializes in providing assistance to foreign companies, which currently account for over 70% of its client portfolio. Throughout many years of successful trajectory going under the name of Leonhardt, Dietl, Graf & von der Fecht, and coinciding with the 40th anniversary of the creation of the firm, the associates decided to return to the original name: Leonhardt & Dietl.

The structure of Leonhardt & Dietl, which consists of a limited number of highly qualified professionals, allows the Firm to provide high-end legal services customized to meet the client’s needs in complex commercial and financial transactions in German, English, and of course Spanish.


The Firm focuses its efforts on providing legal counsel to local and foreign companies on the development and implementation of new business opportunities in Argentina and other Latin American countries through a vast network of correspondents.

Our lawyers are qualified and have solid expertise in general business matters and specific, complex transactions, and have the knowledge and professional reliability necessary to meet the requirements of its clients in a globalized business environment.

Likewise, Leonhardt & Dietl has developed and maintains a strong relationship with leading consulting and auditing companies. This allows the Firm to offer comprehensive advice provided by experts on each area while keeping competitive costs.

The Firm's clients include multinational and local companies which require comprehensive advice on every aspect of national and international transactions as well as on the sphere of litigation, dispute resolution and arbitration. Members of the Firm are also advisers to the German, Austrian and Swiss Embassies.

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